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  • Basic Chromium Sulphate

    Basic Chromium Sulphate

    Basic Chromium Sulphate
    H.S.CODE: 32029000
    CAS NO.: 10101-53-8
    Molecular formula: Cr(OH)SO4
    Property: Basic chromium sulphate is available in bright green powder with high tanning properties. The product is dried with most sophisticated steam drum drier which does not allow material to be overheated. It is not toxic and has better solubility.
    Use: The main application is making chrome tanned leather, insolubilizing proteins and other organic substances.
    Packing: in 25kgs kraft paper bag.

    Commodity of Goods Basic Chromium Sulphate
    Appearance Dark green powder
    Packing In 25kgs kraft paper bag
    Item Standard
    Cr2CO3 21-23% 24-26%
    Water insoluble 0.1% max 0.1% max
    Basicity percent by weight 33±1% 33±1%
    Fe 0.1% max 0.1% max



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